Lessons From the Game
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“Through this riveting and awe-inspiring story, Malcolm Lemmons sheds light on his unlikely journey, from making it out of the streets of Washington, D.C to accomplishing his lifelong dream of becoming a professional athlete. Through the eyes of an underdog, we experience the heart of determination, sacrifice, and passion.”

From losing friends to violence to experiencing a life-altering car accident, Malcolm’s journey is one of incredible strength and belief. Not only does this story show athletes of all sports how to succeed, but it also demonstrates how to use the lessons taught through sports to succeed in life as well.

This book addresses common obstacles and pitfalls many athletes go through and offers insight on how to deal with failure, depression, adversity, politics in sports, life after sports, plus much more.

Written for athletes, parents, coaches, or anyone who wants to understand an athlete’s perspective, this book is guaranteed to change the way you go about chasing your dreams!

A portion of proceeds from the book will be donated to charity. For bulk order of 10 or more copies, email me at for discounted pricing.

What People Are Saying

“An extraordinary read for any athlete or adult who wants to learn what it takes to overcome failure and adversity to reach success!”
Marques Ogden (Former NFL Star & Best-Selling Author of Sleepless Nights)
● “Incredible story of resilience! Malcolm’s story is not only inspiring but also educational. Anyone can gain something from his journey!”
Pasha Cook (International Public Speaker & Author of ChampsU)
● “There’s so much insight for athletes and their families in this story! I applaud Malcolm for his efforts to advance the game!”
Tywanna Smith (Author of Surviving the Lights: A Professional Athlete’s Playbook to Avoiding the Curse and CEO of The Athlete’s Nexus)