This Is Why You Should Treat Your Business Team Like A Sports Team

Business Team Vs Sports Team

Business and sports are synonymous on many different levels.

In the time that I have been an entrepreneur, I’ve learned that a lot of the traits that I’ve gained through my athletic career have also been useful in my business career.

These are traits that I didn’t even realize would help me, but they have been extremely instrumental in getting me through some of the tougher days of being an entrepreneur.

While all of these traits show importance, to me the most of them all has been the ability to work well within a team.

You probably already know how pivotal this is in any field or industry. No one can accomplish anything great alone, it just doesn’t happen. You can have the best individual players or you, yourself might even be the best ‘player’ in one area but a solid, cohesive team is always necessary to reach the highest level in any game you’re playing in.

As a leader, if you can’t get people on the same page to work together effectively, your business or even your sports team for that matter, is as good as done. It doesn’t matter if you have a staff of 2 people or 200 people. Every team has to have specific traits in order to reach the top.

As I started to build my brand and business, and as other people came into the picture to help me, I remembered three specific things that helped my team win games during my athletic days and I knew that these would be the same ones that would help me and those people around me win in business.

3 Reasons Why You Should Treat Your Business Team Like A Sports Team

    1. Everyone Single Person Has To Buy Into One Vision– The great teams that I played on in my life, have all bought into one common goal which was usually to win a championship. We all had that vision set in our minds and that is what we focused on every day when we came to practice. It helped clarify what we were there to do and what steps we needed to take to reach that vision.

      Business is the exact same way. Every person on the team has to have this vision in mind when approaching work in order for the team to win in the long run. Great coaches and leaders have to set the tone early and often when it comes to the goals of the team. Even if just one person on the team abides by their own agenda and they focus on what they want more than the team goal, it can throw the entire team off course from what the team is trying to accomplish. 

    2. Everyone Has To Master Their Role- Everyone is not going to be the leading scorer or best player on the team, but everyone has a role to play and on the best teams, every player knows their role and masters it as best as they can. Take the Golden State Warriors for example. Steph Curry and Kevin Durant are obviously the most known superstars on the team, but that doesn’t overshadow Draymond Green or Klay Thompson because they are equally as important to the team.

      They know what their roles are on the team and they’ve mastered those roles in order for the team to be very successful the past couple of years. This is the main reason why they win championships. In business, everyone is not going to be the CEO and call the shots, but every single team member can show their value to the team and why they are important to the overall success of the whole. 

    3. Everyone Has To Communicate Effectively- Communication is key in every area of life. In sports and business, you have to have everyone on the same page to be able to communicate with one another as best as possible. It always starts from the top though. A business leader who does not communicate effectively can be extremely detrimental to the overall success of the company.

      If a leader or top decision-maker fails to communicate, then more than likely the rest of the team will fail to communicate and this ultimately will throw off the flow of the business. Team members have to communicate through work issues, with clients and customers (CRM) and with management to ensure that everything is moving in the direction that is supposed to be. Overall, communication builds better relationships and helps create a stronger community.

No One Is Greater Than The Whole

In business or in sports, I think the most important thing to remember is that no one team member is greater than the whole.

Despite how talented or skilled someone might be, they can never be viewed as someone who is indispensable or irreplaceable because that attitude will destroy any team in the long run.

I’m sure you have heard the quote “it only takes one bad apple to spoil the bunch.” This directly applies to business, because one bad person in your company can create a toxic environment and negatively impact the company in a major way.

Nonetheless, if you understand and instill these three traits above in any business will, without a doubt, help lead any team to success and to perform at the highest level possible.

If you’re a business leader or entrepreneur, everything starts with you and ends with you. If the team wins, it’s the teams win, but if the team loses, it’s on you. That’s the way this game is played.

With that being said, if you want the team to win, you have to set the strategy for the long-term mission. Just like a coach, you have to be the one to put the group in a position to reach the ultimate goal whatever it might be.

But before anything else, expect greatness from yourself. If you don’t expect greatness from yourself then you’re team won’t expect greatness from you or themselves.

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