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Who Is Malcolm Lemmons?

Malcolm Lemmons is a former pro athlete turned author, entrepreneur, and speaker. He the founder of Players Point Agencya sports marketing and branding agency that designs and manages personal brands for professional athletes to help prepare them for opportunities on and off the playing field.

Malcolm has built his brand from scratch to landing media coverage with networks such as ABC, WJLA, and TVOne. His articles have been featured in the Huffington Post, AthleteNetwork and other publications. He also recently published his first novel, Lessons From the Game which details his story through basketball and the lessons he learned from sports.

With a focus on sports and entrepreneurship, his ultimate mission is to empower athletes through life after sports by helping them build their personal brand and transition into careers they’re passionate about.

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At Players Point, we specialize in designing personal brands for professional athletes to help prepare them for opportunities on and off the playing field.
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Click below to purchase my first published book, Lessons From the Game. This book addresses common obstacles that all athletes face and the different lessons sports can teach you about life! 

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